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Борат отдыхает

Сам бы ни за что не поверил, что это не фейк, но... это не фейк.
Юная охотница за иностранным членом старательно пишет письмо потенциальному жениху.
Вообще, "русская невеста", становится понятием нарицательным даже в далёкой Южной Африке. На местном русскоговорящем форуме обсасываются жутковатые истории о русских девушках, привезенных белыми (или даже не совсем белыми) бурами в качестве трофея из заснеженной России. Без языка, средств, знания местных законов и реалий жизни, такие дамы время от времени оказываются в положении странного зверька Чебурашки, живущего в картонной коробке, или телефонной будке.

Greetings ...!
I am very pleased, that you have answered my letter. I was
It is very pleased, when I have found your letter in my box of mail. You the first
The person to whom I write in the Internet. I feel lonely in this life
Therefore I have decided to get acquainted with the man from another
The country. I hope, that we shall receive from our acquaintance that we
To want. I hope also, that we shall find in our letters that it we
Wait from it. Let me to tell about itself in more detail now. As you
Know my name Ekaterina. to me 28 years. I live, and have been given birth in
The city of Cheboksary. This city - one of the biggest cities in Russia. I
Seldom leave my city. It - ancient and beautiful city. Cheboksary
Well-known city in Russia. I think as, abroad it knows well. I
The right? To Cheboksary has made a history of all Russia. I would like to see
Photo of your city if you have them. I shall be very pleased, if you write
To me about your city. It would be desirable to study more
In detail about your birth, and, can, and an origin of your family
Had historical character? I like to study new, you for me new
The interesting person. So tell about this itself to be interesting. I work as the manager.
It was cheerful. We were capable
To unite difficult studying and good rest. I have studied English
Language at University also. I know only Russian and English
Language. So write to me please English, and that I do not do
Understand other languages. Or you can use the translator. I have a
Hobby. It - preparation peep. I do not want to be praised, but mine
Colleagues speak it I very sociable and sympathizing the woman. But I
Frequently feel very vulnerable and unprotected woman. I have was not present
Therefore I shall write a computer of a house to you from the Internet
Cafe. On it I shall finish the letter. I hope to see yours
The letter tomorrow, together with your photo.


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